think about life [2008]

Rio Theatre
Santa Cruz, CA
4 October 2008

Think About Life isn’t bad, as far as the actual music goes, but good lord: Martin Cesar, the vocalist, is downright awful (or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, he was awful on this particular night).

Out of tune 60% of the time, screaming into the mic like a wounded banshee, his voice going in and out like he’s doing karaoke for the first time.

It’s like some drunk guy jumped up on stage and started singing; and really, he wasn’t all that bad, for a drunk guy who didn’t know the lyrics…and couldn’t really sing.

Oh and being an over-the-top showman doesn’t distract us enough from your lack of any recognizable music talent. And finally, when it’s clear you’re not getting anything better than a lukewarm reception, don’t insult the audience. It can only lead to really snarky (bordering-on-hateful) reviews.

But enough of the negativity. The crazy part of the whole thing is that the band is actually pretty entertaining. At times, a bit heavy on the sampling, but all in all, a pretty catchy bit of experimental pop.

If only they were a completely instrumental band.