the new year [2007]

Bottom of the Hill
San Francisco, CA
21 June 2007

Reviewing a show by your favorite band of all time is no easy task. Admitting as much in the first sentence is objective suicide.

Disclaimer made clear, this was yet another amazing performance by a band that continues to produce quality music year after year and deliver live shows that are nothing short of inspiring.

Riding into town with promises of a new album on the horizon, The New Year proceeded to play quite a few new songs, at least two of which were visually (and aurally) highlighted by Matt Kadane at the keyboard – certainly a different look for the band.

The keyboard brought a refreshing new element to the band’s sound, without disrupting their signature driving guitars (only 3 guitars instead of the usual 4 + bass).

Overall, TNY won the crowd over as it usually does, with powerful crescendos and a pulsing wall of sound that makes the brief silence between songs seem almost painfully empty.