ozomatli [2008]

Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
13 December 2008

To see Ozomatli live is to participate in something larger than yourself, willingly or otherwise.

From the moment they serpentine their way through the crowd from the back of venue (as tradition dictates), you are officially part of the show.

And this is the true genius of Asdru Sierra and his band of incredibly talented musicians – they are the ultimate people’s band.

Call it political, call it activism, or just call it a big party: Ozomatli plays music for the people and they want you to move. Some refer to it as Latin, hip hop, rock or some mix of the three. I like to call it just plain good music.

From the raucous crowd-level entrance to the cries for hand clapping and waving, to the call and response lyrics, it’s all about the fans.

And, luckily, the fans are all about Ozomatli. Four straight nights at The Fillmore is not something to sneeze at. Neither is the solid swarm of bodies bouncing to each and every trumpet blare and drum beat.

In 13 years, Ozomatli has built up a significant and loyal following, and on this night, it seemed that each and every one of them was there to thank the band personally.