matt and kim [2009]

Cafe du Nord
San Francisco, CA
2 February 2009

If my brain were completely in charge, I’m convinced that things would be different.

Matt & Kim play some damn fine, simple pop punk. And if it was all about my head, I think I might have stopped going to their shows after the second or third. But what I’ve realized, after show #5 (in roughly 2 years), is that thankfully, my brain isn’t always in control.

Going to a Matt & Kim show is like being transported back in time to an alternative universe in which you actually enjoyed high school and going to see your best friend’s band, which just happens to be the entire school’s favorite band.

Matt & Kim are pure energy. Cranked up, downright silly energy. Throngs of loving fans bouncing and surging for the entire set, through songs both fast and slow.

On this particular night, riding the adrenaline from their recent sophomore release (Grand), the duo was beaming with pride and clearly ready to share. Amazingly, the crowd embraced the new material like old favorites, having apparently grown familiar with the new songs in just a couple of weeks.

By the time the time-honored closer Silver Tiles rolled around, the room was practically frothing at the collective mouth. Matt leapt into the crowd and literally walked above enthusiastically outstretched arms, his back arched against the low Cafe du Nord ceiling.

To say that a Matt & Kim show is all about the body is a sincere compliment. No need to over-think the lyrics or the chord progressions. Just move.