miller’s east coast west

11 February 2005
1725 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA

Atmosphere: Bad. As in too bright, too clean. Wholly out of left field. French framed charcoal… art on the walls. oh, and glass coffee cups? GLASS? Nana would not approve.
Attitude: Comic Book Guy’s younger brother was definitely not traditional, but he was helpful and funny.
Food [general]: Excellent. Egg salad sandwich very tasty. Rye turns out to be started elsewhere, but finished in their ovens. Surprised that the fries were skinny, but they turned out to be delicious. Cole slaw great (crunchy—not too soggy). Potato salad pretty good. solid egg cream and rugulah (homemade on site) to top it off.
Pickles: Wow. Half-sours that I can still taste (in a good way). We ordered a side of four more (in addition to the ones that came with our sandwiches). I ate three. but really, can we get a deli that actually brings you a barrel or bowl of ’em just as a hello?
Dr. Brown’s black cherry: Check.
Prices: Very reasonable for the amount of food we ordered (and heartily consumed).
Summary: Best in show. As in Best Jewish Deli in the Bay Area. It’s a bit of a hike up Van Ness, but you better believe I’ll be back.

Atmosphere: Boring. Welcome to restaurant. Inspired by the restaurantness of restaurants.
Attitude: Great. Bay Area harmless-clever and jibey. A nice guy who kind of pretends to be comprehensively versed in the offerings, but is regularly stumped by simple questions about the food.
Food [general]: Outstanding. “The Chief” — featuring hot pastrami, corned beef, swiss cheese, cole slaw on the sandwich, and russian dressing—is spectacular. Approaches the Langer’s signature sandwich, though falls just short. Crispy shoestring fries in a huge basket that four people can share.
Pickles: Quite excellent quarter sours. Still have to request them.
Prices: Not cheap, but fully worth it. Cheaper than David’s and better; cheaper than Saul’s and better.
Summary: I don’t expect to find anything better in the Bay Area, and would be okay with that. Just great. But why are there wraps on the menu?